Fly A Rocket

October 27, 2019

From my new and last record, out on Bandcamp this Friday.

The Green North

October 18, 2019

This is the second video from the forthcoming album ‘Deciduous Eccentric’, out Nov 1st on Bandcamp. It details a time of escape from the inner city, out into the wilderness of rural Ireland, and encountering the strangeness of a new landscape. Hostile, beautiful, cold and wild. A change from the fags and booze and sin of London. Semay’s cello makes this song my favourite on the record, so it starts the album.

Patient Here Myself

September 27, 2019

Patient Here Myself – taken from my new album Deciduous Eccentric – is a song about spending a lot of time in hospital. Rather too much time really, experiencing the weirdness and isolation of being both medic and patient. From total kindness to total indifference.

For the video I recalled some hypnotic ward-based scenes at the end of the film “33 x Round The Sun” by John Hardwick. I’d originally scored the film for John in Ireland in 2003 (it eventually came out in 2005) and he very kindly gave me permission to re-edit from the original footage. When I sent him the final video he was delighted at the “loop that comes with that” and the circle being made whole. Keen watchers will notice my friend Fern Smith as one of the actresses in the film. Fern and her partner Phillip Ralph also provide backing vocal on several of the tracks on Deciduous Eccentric. Another circle becoming whole…

Pre-sale orders for Deciduous Eccentric available here

This is my new record, out November 1st on digital and CD. It’s available for pre-order from Bandcamp.
10 new songs, featuring contributions from Semay Wu on cello, Heidi Berry on vocals, Simon Rivers on Vocals, Fern Smith and Philip Ralph on Backing vocals, and Will Fulford-Jones on violin and mandolin. Yves Altana adds a flourish of cymbals and percussion. Baroque piano pop, chamber musings. Exactly the record I wanted to make, which is just as well as it’s the last one I’m making.

1/ The Green North
2/ Colin
3/ Fly A Rocket
4/ Elsie, The Sea
5/ Gunshot In The Fog
6/ Patient Here Myself
7/ Skinny Cupboard Pill Boy
8/ Stripping Oliver
9/ Turn To You
10/ Don’t Say It’s Too Late

Thank you everyone for the support and kindnesses throughout the years. I’ve loved making all this music. Patrick


September 3, 2019

Hello again. Just to let you know that Folly, the 2013 Kitchens of Distinction album, our last, is now available digitally from BandcampIMG_8739I’ll be back with more news soon.

In the meantime enjoy this piece of wonder:

Degenerate Art

September 23, 2018

Released October 26th. On pre-sale now at Bandcamp. Pre-sale copies will be signed.

In the studio with Oskar

January 23, 2018

This is always my favourite part. The songs are written, now it’s time for the recording. Yves not only plays great guitar, he’s also a fine drummer. Today we get to put down the drums on the new Oskar’s Drum songs. I say ‘we’, but I just sit there grinning. Next it’s time to start mixing. The new pieces sound spacious and dirty. And sad and dancey. Can’t wait to get it out there.

Autumn gigs

September 23, 2017

Though quiet here, it’s been a busy time. I’ve written a guide to end of life care, for patients and families rather than doctors. More of that soon – it will be out in October hopefully.

To brighten the mood after months of intense focus on dying, there are two gigs booked. Oskar’s Drum play Salford October 29th at the Eagle with Stephen Hero (me, solo) opening. We play London Oslo, November 3rd, opening for Brix and the Extricated. The second Oskar album is a huge dark beast, and we’re looking forward to playing a few of the new songs at these shows. It will be out early in the new year.

You can get tickets for Salford from Bandcamp by clicking here: BANDCAMP

You can get tickets for London: HERE

Happy equinox everyone. Here’s to the darker days, if they could be any darker.


This was fun. A weekend in Wales, meeting up with my friend Fern to support her on her odyssey around the newly opened and lengthy coastal path. She was in Anglesey, one of my favourite places, so I went down for the weekend. Fern and I had worked together years ago on This Imaginary Woman, a theatrical song cycle of grief for Volcano theatre company. Now 13 years later I wondered if she fancied dancing to our new Oskar’s Drum song? We talked about different scenarios: a dark studio room with roaming lights, of two dancers interacting. What about just dancing on the beach listening to the song for the first time, I asked? Only if I can do anything I want, said Fern, knowing that she wasn’t one to hold back. And here it is, spliced from three performances in quick succession: wild, wet and free. Love it. Thanks so much Fern. 

The single is available at Oskar’s Drum Bandcamp shop.


March 4, 2017

This was a saga. Test pressing after test pressing. Put me off vinyl for life. Finally we got a company who could do it properly, but it took a year to make. A year for a 7″ single. Not like that in 1966, when I think this song could have been around. Obsession and desire in a wash of piano and guitars. And French horns and flutes. And a beautiful vocal from Tanya Donelly. It deserved a physical release I felt, and I’m so glad it’s finally come together. 

Here’s a slow film to go with it, walking up the steps of Hatshepsut’s temple on the left bank of the Nile. Next week you get the video for Anyone but Yourself, and the single gets mailed out. Thanks for bearing with us. 

The single is available from