Why I am not a poet

October 9, 2009

Frank O’Hara, my favourite really, wrote poems on the backs of his friends paintings. His famous friends. And in one, Why am I not a Painter, he explains his inability to understand the presence and loss of a lemon from a picture. Or was it an orange? It’s a great small journey. I cannot quite understand how he makes me feel that not only might I belong in this world, but that there’s someone who has a similar strange voice ranting on in their head. Today I read Song, which is at the bottom of this page. And that is why I am not a poet, because he can do it for me.
The song oh,frank off 57 stars is about, for (possibly not), inspired by, him.


One Response to “Why I am not a poet”

  1. NoraMarx Says:

    A very nice Topic. Thanks alot hope you go for the detail next time!

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