Saturday Night

October 21, 2009

I’m going to see David sing the new McAlmont/Nyman collaboration, The Glare, live at the Union Chapel in Islington. Very excited as it’s a truly amazing record.
Whilst struggling to write the words for my record David told me of his plan to put the story behind the painting of The Raft of the Medusa by Gericault to music. He wanted to explore contemporary news items in his lyrics, as Gericault had done in his day with his art. I sent David a list of themes I was currently interested in, along with my new music. He came back with the lyric to Blood on Books, based on the perverse relationship of Jean Genet with a tightrope walker called Abdallah. This sparked me into writing the rest of my record, not about now, but instead based on historical incidents, people and relationships, including Walt Whitman, Fred Delius, Pierre Seel, Varian Fry, and Benjamin Britten. It gave me respite from writing about myself. Instead I could inhabit, albeit arbitrarily, the lives of others.


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