December 4, 2009

MW Cassiopiae was written for 57 stars but made the record wonky so I held it back. It comes as a little meditative relief after Snow, I hope. M W because that’s the shape of the constellation depending on how you view it.

Instrumentals are not fillers:
Genesis – After the Ordeal
Tom Waits – Rainbirds
Beach Boys – Lets go away for a while
The Beatles – Flying
PiL – Radio 4
Kraftwerk – Metal on Metal
Aphex Twin – April 14th oh and most of his stuff
Your choice – here

Maybe Laughing Gas off Darkness should have stopped after the first break. Maybe. And of course there’s 3 to beam up by the olde band. More fun to play than to listen to possibly.


4 Responses to “Instrumental”

  1. Pablo Says:

    3 to beam up is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I own, I love it!

  2. Paul Carnahan Says:

    Got to agree with Pablo on this one. 3 To Beam Up is hypnotic, brain-expanding and gorgeous. Makes me marvel each and every time I listen to it. Which is quite a lot, really.

    • stephenhero Says:

      Glad to hear it wasn’t as indulgent as I feared, and brings pleasure. 3 to beam up – from the Captain Kirk phrase, beaming up to the spacecraft from the confines of the planet below. I think we were smoking a fair bit back then.

  3. Luke N. Says:

    Skin was another Kitchens piece I still pull out today. Glad to hear that Julian went on to do scores; he was made for that sort of thing.

    New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 by R.E.M. is another track that adds so much more to the album. (I wouldn’t have penned you as a Aphex Twin fan!)

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