December 7, 2009

As a culture we’re not good at talking or singing or even mentioning death. I feel we should be talking – see last week’s documentary Into that good night on C4? – and singing, and wailing. It’s necessary. I see a lot of patient’s stuck in their bereavement, aching to talk. I see a lot of death. It’s OK, it completes the story.

This song is about my mum who died of brain cancer. Of the photos we were left with, the books, the memories, the furniture, the unanswered questions, frustrations. She was not supportive of my music career and never saw me sing my songs. She certainly wouldn’t have liked this one. Oh well. It’s a mishmash of memories and sadnesses. I wont be specific.

The music – not much to say. Tried it on Wurlitzer but it didn’t carry it on it’s own. Would like to hear Nick Cave sing this song. He’d make it right.

The cover of the record is a shot of a pool which we swam in as kids on visits to mum’s home town of St Gallen.

See. It’s hard even writing about this and she’s been dead for 3 years. I say ‘dead’ because it’s clear. Passed on, in heaven, etc, I abhor these epithets. There’s nothing wrong with dead.


2 Responses to “Disappointment”

  1. simon rivers Says:

    very beautifully put patrick just like your music

    my mother died of brain cancer also .. but i was only 1 at the time ..that has guided my life

    we talk death too much in this house death and the weather

    just about to order your new album


  2. stephenhero Says:

    Simon 🙂

    The press campaign had included you within the ‘friends and family’ part but you never got back to us with an address – spam/junk folder? – anyways, send an email to stephen@stephenhero.co.uk with your addy and we’ll drop a copy in the post to you…

    Bitter Springs forever!

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