December 13, 2009

The last track. My first cover I think. Kitchens did White Horses, I do a gospel song that I heard via the Douglas Sirk mega melodrama Imitation of Life. Mahalia Jackson, a voice of stirring power that I wish I could have heard live, sings this traditional tune at the funeral of one of the characters. The lump grows in the throat, the eyes redden, the tears are shed. An astonishing moment in film. It was great to see Todd Haynes do homage to Sirk in Far From Heaven.

I worked on this song early on, thinking about doing a live show; thinking of a doing a record of cover versions; thinking how annoying those records can be. It’s the only song played on digital piano, because for some reason I couldn’t get the acoustic piano to boom as loudly and clearly on those low registers. Real bass. Low hums from David. Some sampled tambourine played way on down to make them sound like chains. And something else, hmm, what was it? Extraneous noises.

The lyric holds true for most people. There are times of extreme weariness.

So there you go. My first explanation of a record as it’s released. And the tracks that didn’t make it? Three of them got left in stages of partial completeness, which is unusual for me, and I don’t see them getting fixed up. And the one I took off the finished album will be up on this site and the stephenhero website in time for Christmas. You’ll hear why it didn’t make it: way too upbeat, way too sordid, and way too Fruit for a stephenhero record.


One Response to “Trouble”

  1. Paul Carnahan Says:

    Amazon finally delivered my copy of ‘Apparition…’ today, and just a few listens reveal it to be a remarkable piece of work from start to finish.

    Maybe the best Stephen Hero record so far?

    Thanks for another beautiful set of songs – and for these blog entries putting the music and lyrics in context.

    Mr Fitzgerald, you’re a marvel. Long may you shine.

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