Drums or No Drums?

December 18, 2009

This song is called 1992. It didn’t make the record for I think pretty obvious reasons. It’s a personal document of the fairly obscene life I was living in my London heyday. So be warned, it has graphic images that would get you hung in Uganda.

Musically, and so to me more importantly!, I couldn’t decide whether to have drums or not. I favour the version without, but then again…part of its tawdriness requires them. Those days at Clapham Two Brewers having your ears exposed to the horrors of the discofied versions of Losing My Religion and What’s Going On. And I said hey, hey, hey, hey – what’s going on. Linda Perry I think, who went on to write enormously successful songs that I don’t like but it seems most of the planet do.

So with that grinch-like comment here’s wishing you all a festive season and thanks for listening.

1992 – drumless

1992 – with drums


12 Responses to “Drums or No Drums?”

  1. bcarney Says:

    I rather like the version with the drums, it adds to the impulsiveness of the moment.

    I think back on what I was doing in 1992 … I’m going to go have a cry now. Happy holidays.

  2. steve lewins Says:

    I prefer it without drums – it sounds more personal. I think

    This would sit beautifully on an album with Talk to Me and Everything’s wonderful ( Kitchens ).

    I think this is my favourite of your songs since Crazed, Full of Hope and Open Blue Skies. Joyful,yes. Nostalgic, yes in a sweet belly feeling way. Yet if you think too much, in an instant can terrifyingly bring you back to the present which all too often pales in comparison.
    Oh to go back there.

    I’m so pleased to hear that you still have songs inside you Patrick, I hope you continue to have these stirrings for many years to come.


  3. Amy Franklin Says:

    Being a bit nostalgic myself recently for my old young life circa 1992-1997 or so, what a blast this was to hear.

    I like both versions – depending on my mood of the moment, and I am a little moody for above reasons – but I am leaning towards no drums.

    Beautiful song. I loved being younger and brave and brash and this song made me feel that, made me feel all I was being nostalgic for. What perfect timing. A little peace this evening to wake up tomorrow to be mom and braver and brash. What fun life is.

    In 1992, I saw the Kitchens at the Metro in Chicago. With Kingmaker and Bleach!

    • stephenhero Says:

      I can almost remember that show! And I’m pretty sure we met. So much time, so much alcohol!

      • Amy Franklin Says:

        We did meet back then. It was a bit fly by night, funny night. I spent some time with Dan and Julian across the road at the delectable and aptly named Wrigleysville Dogs. I still have a ticket stub somewhere that they signed and some photos from that night – a number of which included Julian’s bottom, as it was right in front of us during the show. Not a bad view, if I recall. Fun show. If I can find my disk drive, disks and photos, perhaps I’ll post them somewhere, sometime.

        A few months later, we met again in Chicago when the Kitchens played at the Vic. We were two mad girls and a skinny fey boy.

        Happy New Year!


  4. simon Says:

    Freda Filth!

  5. Jez Says:

    With drums. Needs a different drummer. Is it programmed? Needs the subtlty and emotion and intelligence that the right drummer would bring to it.

  6. Geoff Says:

    Ohh the drums definitely!……

  7. Ross Says:

    Lamenting the ghosts of past blowjobs? Oh dear, no! You really need to get (it) out more, Pappy.
    It should be just drums. Ok, MAYBE with voice too, for that Flowers of Romance effect.

    (Shhhhh, it sounds great either way. Quite right not to put it on the lp though.)

  8. jason Says:

    In 1992 I was living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and listening to your songs over and over as I had only a few tapes my friend from the States sent me for musical diversion. Whenever I hear KOD I think of those years in Asia…thanks for the memories!!

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