January 10, 2010

Firstly thank you to everyone who has bought ‘Apparition in the Woods’ – I make this music to be heard and appreciate your comments and feedback. Keep it coming.

Now some people have asked about gigs. The first question is ‘when are KOD reforming’, and I don’t reply to these as the short answer is the Twelfth of Never, but then Donny Osmond springs to mind and it all goes horribly wrong. How do you explain what the three of us went through and how it cannot be repeated? I’d love to play with Julian again but geography and children won’t allow for that. OK? So please, no more on that one.

I last played a gig to a handful of attentive people on a sunday lunchtime in Swansea Museum. Very quiet it was too. We filmed it, and put up a couple of clips on YouTube. Since then I’ve done no shows and it kills me. I really enjoy playing live, singing my songs, or Julian and my songs. My agent of many years can get me no shows. I haven’t the steam to do it on my own. The thought of another night in a dark mostly empty basement…

So – I play at home and write my songs and imagine them played loudly in churches, sung by Estonian choirs, with films of abstraction to distract or enhance. Which isn’t a great way forward. I’ll make you an offer then – if you’d like me to come and play some songs near where you live then let me know. In a museum, a library, a village hall, your large front room where Dmitri Shostakovich once played a sketch of his forthcoming 13th symphony? Well, I can continue to imagine.

I need a piano and a microphone to sing through, some food and a bed. If its feasible financially I’ll do it. The only proviso is you can suggest a playlist but I get final pick. I can’t do an hour of KOD on piano, it wouldn’t be dignified.
If it isn’t possible help me think of another way – live on the internet?

I await your thoughts, suggestions, and, looking at my other work timetable, some miracle of bending the time/space continuum for this to happen.

Reading – Hey, Nostradmus – Douglas Coupland
Listening – Kraftwerk – Box Set
Watched – The Red Shoes – Powell and Pressberger – new digital edition. Astonishing.


6 Responses to “Gigs”

  1. Stuart Mutler Says:

    I will be in despair if you don’t play live again. But, reading of your predicament, I completely understand where you are coming from. There must be a number of fans, in London at least, who would be able to club together to hear you play on a date that is convenient for you. And YOU should choose the playlist. Heck, I was so looking forward to hearing ‘Apparition’ live…

  2. Jez Says:

    Electric piano OK? Something like a Nord Stage? I’m sure I can borrow one.

    I know a promoter here in Brussels who’s also a big KOD fan and organises things in a few venues around town.

    I can supply food & bed.

  3. Geoff Says:

    come back to the isle of wight…we’ll put you up…people here who would love to see you play…..

  4. Jon Says:

    Come to York! Theres some venues here that Im sure would put you on (The City Screen Basement bar specifically). And if not – we have an old recording studio with an electric yamaha. Im sure the wife would let you stay too 😉

  5. Patrick. Sometimes you may feel as though you are not loved enough, coming to your fans asking us for suggestions for places to play ‘live’. Rest assured, those of us who know your music are aware that it is the general public which is missing out. If you are in any doubt about what you have proposed (asking us for suggestions as to where to play), I found this little nugget in the (usually dreadful) ‘London Evening Standard’ tonight:

    Even the Pet Shop Boys are doing personal gigs!

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