Gigs Again

January 22, 2010

Thanks to everyone who’s got in touch through this blog and via email ( ) . We’re having a look at dates and seeing what’s feasible. Looks like there will be a gig in New York as well as the UK.

I know I’m late to the excitement – mainly because I mistakenly thought this would be a boystown hyperspace techno trip – but isn’t Douglas Coupland’s Generation X a thing of beauty and wonder?

Kingfisher blue eyes indeed.


18 Responses to “Gigs Again”

  1. Stuart Mutler Says:

    Please give as much notice as possible of the dates!



    P.S. Never tried ‘Generation X’ — because I thought the same thing. Clearly another to add to the must-read list.

  2. d. greene Says:

    looking forward to seeing you again in nyc, it’s been awhile


  3. Steve Davis Says:

    Wow a new record and you are going to ‘tour’! Damn, I need to find a way to get to NY it seems! Any chance in hades you’ll make it to San Francisco? 2010 IS going to be a better year! Can’t wait to get a copy of the new album. Yay!

  4. spench Says:

    Will you be making it to Los Angeles, or somewhere on the west coast?

    I love your records, and would love to see you live!

  5. Mark Says:

    ohhhh, yes. los angeles would be fantastic. let’s make it happen!

  6. Moses Says:

    So with the possibility of two Hero gigs on the Horizon, the question to mull over is the track listing we would like to hear…

    So I can’t request an hour of KOD, but a few nuggets have to be indulged. And which of the new Stephen Hero tunes have to be included.

    Lets get the blog going with some suggestions.

    However a definite KOD track I would love to hear live again has to be ‘Remember me’ off Cowboys and Aliens.

    • stephenhero Says:

      I can play that song, but it hasn’t been exciting to do recently. Will have another go and see if there’s a better way of playing it. Will start posting the set lists I’m doing at the moment on here so you have an idea as to how varied they are becoming.

  7. Ken Stavitzke Says:

    Mr. Fitzgerald, I have just discovered you and your music recently–as well as the music of KOD.

    I don’t know how I missed KOD in the past (I am 36)–but I am now a huge fan of *all* of your work!

    I can’t say how much your talent has amazed and inspired me. You might have heard this all before, but I wanted to write and say THANKS. During difficult times recently, your talent has kept me motivated and surviving. I just wish I had encountered your work many years ago…

    I live near Chicago. I hope one day to see you perform live in any way possible. Peace, and thanks.


  8. Paul P. Says:

    Anxiously hoping that a trip to NYC will include a visit to DC too. I remember seeing KOD at the old 9:30 club ( It’s been way too long between visits.

    • stephenhero Says:

      Great memories of the 9.30. Last time we were there met the bass player from Shudder to Think – charming man, great band. Hoping to come to the US, most likely in the format proposed above – doing ‘house parties’ as I think they’re called over your way. Will aim for public shows but these are getting harder to get into as promoters take less and less risks. Will give plenty of notice if coming to the US.

  9. jules Says:

    gigs,,, UK… Norfolk? Norwich Arts Centre? Please….

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