Doing It Yourself – A proposal for live shows

May 14, 2010

    A Salon : David McAlmont + Patrick Fitzgerald

Two legends of the UK music scene come together to present you with an intimate Salon show to be performed at your own personal space whether that be your living room or lounge, your ballroom or a folly of your arranging…

David McAlmont (Thieves, McAlmont and Butler) and Patrick Fitzgerald (Kitchens of Distinction, stephenhero) have been friends for over 20 years and have regularly performed at each others live shows and sung on each others recordings and they have now created a unique live show of 90 minutes duration that will showcase both their individual and combined talents…

    Show Details for the UK

At a cost of £900 you get:

Patrick solo – 40 mins
David solo – 45-60 mins
Duets – 15-20 mins

    Our Requirements and Expectations

A private room to change and relax in big enough for a touring party of four.

Vegetarian food and sparkling water.

Amplification for our electronic piano – a home hi-fi will do but if you don’t have this let us know well in advance so we can organise or bring an alternative. Or do you have a piano at yours?

Minimum party size of 10 persons.

No maximum size, but please NO over-crowding – it must be comfortable and audible!

Shows are to be private – so no uninvited public access or general advertising. If you’re a Venue promoter please contact us for our public performance schedule.

Salon Host/s can set their own ticket price – please provide us with details beforehand. Suggested payment ideas include 30 at £30 each, 60 at £15 each, etc.

We’d like to reserve up to 4 free places for our own guests.

The set lists rest with the Artists.

Photographs, recordings and videos are permitted.

This is not a contract – it is based on trust and an exploration of a new way of performing.

To discuss this further or make a booking write to: and/or


4 Responses to “Doing It Yourself – A proposal for live shows”

  1. steve lewins Says:

    I would love to arrange something like this – the only time I’ve ever heard of anyone suggest ‘pay to play’ was when Jaime Harding from Marion was offering to do gigs as long as people could buy him some drinks and put him up for the night. To have one of your favourite musicians play ‘for you’ in pretty much, to me, a dream come true. Anyone who is passionate about music would understand this.

    Considering Patrick’s music, lyrics and influence have been a huge part of my life since I was in my early 20s, this kind of offer/opportunity makes me want to squeal like an excited piglet.

    I can’t afford the whole fee myself ( if I could, believe me I’d be on this asap ) – are there any other people out there, maybe in the London area, who would like to get together and make this happen?

    • stephenhero Says:

      Hi Steve, the idea is not to get one person to fund the show – that would be the same as a promoter – but to get a bunch of like-minded folk together to make it happen. This proposal is a trial – so if it’s not working then make suggestions/offers and let’s see what we can do with this.

    • Tom Last Says:

      Hello Steve, Ive been listening to the Kitchens’ and Patrick’s music since the beginning aswell, im down in Surrey and would be up for trying to arrange a show. Would bring friends along for what would/could be a great evening. Tom.

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