Two gigs

July 21, 2010

I’ve booked two shows so far. Details are at MySpace.

In brief, the first public showing of the McAlmont/FItzgerald salon evening will be October 8th at New Greenham Arts, Newbury, Berks. We’ve re-figured the evening, the costing, the plans, and I’ll post on that over the weekend so we can book more of this rather unusual and exhilarating show – or so I think!
Show 2 is on Saturday Dec 4th at St Paul’s Church in Brentford, London, at the invitation of headliners The Bitter Springs. Also playing will be Band of Holy Joy. How good is that?

So I break my silence and go and sing my songs again.


2 Responses to “Two gigs”

  1. steve Says:

    This is fantastic news, absolutely thrilled to hear you’re performing again Patrick. Will there be tickets on sale for the gig or is it an open event?

    I know it’s an extreeeeeemely cheeky and ‘in your dreams’ thing to ask, but being a huge fan of yours for many years, both kitchens, fruit, stephen hero, I was wondering if you’d like/need any kind of guitar accompaniment, acoustic or ethereal type ( aka your sounds on your albums/julian ) .

    There, I said it. Anyway, very much looking forward to it!

  2. stephenhero Says:

    Hi Steve. Both events are ticketed and public access. Other salons wont be public, and the ticket prices up to the home owners/promoters.
    As to your kind offer of accompaniment – well, I don’t know what to say. Really, I don’t know what to say.

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