Gig and Salon details

August 20, 2010

September 18th – a London salon featuring David McAlmont, me and Guy Davies. There are only 40 seats, price is £25, and it’s in this guy Matthew’s house in central London. If you’d like to come email me and I’ll pass on your email to Matthew who will then get back in touch with the venue details. It’s cash on the door. Me and David are doing a combined evening of over 2 hours, chatting, singing, taking questions, and asking them, and doing it all off mic. Guy is playing piano and guitar with us. The first of many we hope.

October – there are 3 similar salons in Manchester but these are private. However if you are interested we will put your names forward to the hosts and see what they’re response is. These are more expensive @£30. The first night is sold out, there is availability as far as I know on October 11/12th.

December – a solo Patrick show, with The Bitter Springs and Band of Holy Joy in Brentford, in a church on the 4th. Tickets and details are available here. Search under Bitter Springs as it’s their headline show. Tickets are £10 and I’ll be on in the middle around 9pm.

Any questions?


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