After all that…

September 5, 2010

the London salon has been canceled. Oh well. We have instead the show in Newbury on October 8th, and my solo performance in London on December 4th. Till then.


2 Responses to “After all that…”

  1. Luke N. Says:

    I intend to make it to the Newbury show. Only recently gotten into your music considering I was only just born when Love is Hell was released, but fuck, better late than never. I pray someday I’ll be able to write lyrics that fit to the music like yours (In a cave and Krave come to mind in particular).

    Play anything off Landed and you can have a pint on me.

    • stephenhero Says:

      Thanks Luke. Am working on the set list over the next week and will try for a Landed song – a pint of water would be great. Your comment made me get Landed out and have a listen, and I thought it was OK. It’s not available digitally so I need to sort that out – and I think I’ll write about it as it’s now ten years old. More soon then.
      When you’ve done your lyrics please share.

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