Newbury gig this Friday

October 3, 2010

Info and tickets:
This is a straight support slot for me so: any set requests?


5 Responses to “Newbury gig this Friday”

  1. Fin Says:

    I’m really looking forward to the gig, taking the camper along and plonking it on a site just a mile away. Re; requests, I have to confess I’ve not seen you since your Kitchens of Distinction days, and that was probably Reading Festival 1991 if my memory serves me correctly. The Death of Cool is probably my favourite album, so just as a matter of interest do you ever play any KOD stuff? If so ‘On Tooting Broadway Station’ or ‘Mad as Snow’. I’ve only just purchased Apparition in The Woods but loving it.


    • stephenhero Says:

      Hi Fin – hope you recognise me! Been a while. I’m planning sets around the whole of my career, KOD included. However piano reductions of the sonic onslaught are a bit daunting. Have versions of both those songs so will stick something in the set for you. Again, hope you recognise them.


  2. GuyM Says:

    I’m also really looking for to seeing you and David on Friday.
    Requests – difficult to pick only a few.
    Stephen Hero: anything from Apparition in the Woods, 58th star, 12 Stars, She got fever, Lull 4 & 1, Land and Krave.
    With David? Prowler and Mad as Snow which I’ve wanted to see you perform together again since December 1995 (!) when David joined KOD in Camden.
    It would be really great to hear some Kitchens songs, are you able to play any of these with piano? 4 Men, Come on now, Drive that fast, Hammer, Prize, Shiver, Thought he had everything?
    The acoustic tracks on Capsule show how great KOD songs are even without Julians guitar effects and the loud bass!

  3. Guy Says:

    Sorry for the long list! A wide choice would be great as I have not been able to see you play since 96!
    Which are your favourites to play? most proud of?

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