Cowboys and Aliens

February 12, 2011

The forthcoming movie starring James Bond and Indiana Jones is based on a comic book that came out in the late 90’s, and sadly not the song/album of the same name. In case you were wondering.


4 Responses to “Cowboys and Aliens”

  1. James Says:

    Patrick. Have you still “so little to say”. You are being very quiet in 2011. Why the long hiatus may I ask? I had my ipod on shuffle earlier and after prince of mars (awesome guitar solo) came one of my favourite KOD tracks of all time – now it’s time to say goodbye. Just always loved the opening lines and I could recite most of the song, well okay, most of the first half, well, okay, most of the opening 10 lines or so, but you do that so much better than me, so I will bpw out of that semi-gracefully.
    Any news of more gigs btw?
    Take care, James

  2. Guy Says:

    And the latest album by Charlie – Kitchens of Distinction has no link to PF, JS or DG.

  3. Martyn Says:

    Can’t have been that many people who made the connection…I soon as I heard the film title and went hpme and played air guitar to “Cowboys and Aliens” from “Cowboys and Aliens” like I was 20 again (had to stop after 2 minutes as I could feel the hamstring going).

  4. Rand Johnson Says:

    I remembered you posting this. I finally cracked and watched the movie nearly a year on. Thankfully, it had nothing to do with you. It was abysmal, to say the least. Time consuming and tedious, to say a little more. I had to watch ‘Cool Runnings’ just to cleanse.

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