August 11, 2012


Very slowly it comes together. From ‘Wolves/Crows’, one of 10 new songs nearing completion.


7 Responses to “Excerpt”

  1. ’tis brilliant news. been a fan for two decades and look forward to anything new.

  2. Steven Falvey Says:

    Looking forward to its release…

  3. Markhjones1 Says:

    Looking forward to it!

    Any tour plans? You tube can only take you so far!


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  4. Simon Weaver Says:

    Excellent news, can’t wait!

  5. Chris Says:

    Good news…will the new material feature the elusive Mr. Swales?

  6. tomlast Says:

    Looking forward to the new stuff!

  7. the swede Says:

    It was ages ago I felt this excited by news of a new album. It feels unreal as I had a strange feeling you were up to something and I have always felt things before they happen.

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