September 16, 2012

Very close to mixing now. 10 new songs recorded with Julian playing guitar and me playing guitar and singing and there’s bass and strings and drums and flutes and oboes and trumpets and tambourines and weird samples and swearing and not swearing and songs that sound old and songs that sound nothing like what we’ve done before and a soprano’s ahhs and the kitchen sink.

Now what to call the thing and in what format to release it?


25 Responses to “Close”

  1. Angela Says:

    The hand of KOD?

  2. Simon Says:

    If you get stuck “10 New Songs” worked fine for Leonard Cohen. Can’t wait to hear them.

  3. Hormoz Says:

    The Kitchen Sink?

  4. Angela Says:

    Actually, I like ‘And Another Thing’.

  5. Neil Palmer Says:

    Would gladly contribute live drums for free if Dan were unavailable.

  6. Rob Says:

    I always want my band The Pressure Architects

  7. Rob C Says:

    Ready for it! Can’t wait no matter what it’s called!

  8. David Liso Says:

    I hope it’s wave-ish, shoegaze-ish, noisy-ish, poignant, and awesome as usual!

  9. Jamesk1463 Says:

    Would it be too dramatic to say that such a record would make my life complete? Ahem, yes, probably. But wonderful news nonetheless.

  10. jesse Says:

    this is very exciting! kitchens back from extinction?

  11. Chris Says:

    I’ll second ‘The Kitchen Sink’.
    Whatever you choose, release it asap!

  12. Matt Says:

    Kitchens of Reverb? Kitchen Refurb?! Great news.

  13. tine Says:

    incredible. i absolutely can’t wait!

  14. Ran Says:

    Great news!! Cant wait to listen to the new songs. In my opinion (about the format release) – there is nothing like the good old CD (with a bonus of digital download to everyone who purchase the CD… Thanks, Ran

  15. George Says:

    Such great news! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been cooking up. For a name-
    The Swales-Fitzgerald Funk Explosion?

  16. Mike Funk Says:

    Just post one song for now. I can’t wait that long. Puh-leeze!

  17. tomlast Says:

    Great news! Cd is my format of choice, but im not gonna be picky. Looking forward to the music. Cheers.

  18. Chris Says:

    Actually, scrub my last comment. Just call yourselves ‘Kitchens of Distinction’ and be done with it!
    Releasing suggestion: A nice free download followed by a cd release and / or download via bandcamp.

  19. Nick Says:

    24 Bit FLAC downloads for the modern era. And CD release for those that haven’t adapted such a format.

  20. Robert Says:

    Count me in. KOD still my favourite all these years later. Plus love all the Hero recordings.Come back and play in Dublin soon!

  21. Chris Says:

    Any closer?

  22. Chris Says:

    Ah, ok!

  23. DAVIE Says:

    Please let it be a new Kitchens Of Distinction album! We are all waiting for those dreamy and distorted guitar sounds to make a comeback!

  24. This surely must be a KOD album! It’s very important for all Kitchens fans all over the world. The stylistic differences don’t matter – just remember the last two Talk Talk albums:)
    And of course we need a CD!:)

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