Dog Days

November 21, 2012

Dog Days

It’s been a weekend. 10 tracks now have a zillion chiming, roaring, raging, pansy-soft, tinkling, discordant, unnoticeable, irrational, stratospheric guitars. The dog is bewildered by the riot of sounds.
Next up, sorting the percussion, drums, and timpani.


18 Responses to “Dog Days”

  1. Chris Says:

    ‘Chiming…and stratospheric guitars’. Music to my ears!

  2. Says:

    Sounds fantastic. Is it going to be a KOD album in name as well as in personnel? How about a little tour? It’s been 16 long years since the Flapper and Firkin Birmingham in ’96!

    • stephenhero Says:

      Gosh, 16 years? That may not be long enough to repair the Flapper damage.

      • Says:

        I remember some random bloke shouting “Show us your cock” at you half way through the gig and then continuing to stand there with a dead serious expression on his face and his arms folded….you responded “that must be the famous Birmingham humour I’ve heard so much about”

        Happy days.

  3. Joshua Says:

    Hooray! I like the sound of that.

  4. Amy Says:

    If there was an event – I’d pop over for the evening (not that it’s incentive), but I’m more than happy with the anticipation of something new coming out. As always. What fun! Whenever I listen to Love Is Hell, it reminds me of skipping school to pick it up at the record shop (had to order it special) and sitting in the grass near the lakefront wearing my headphones on a gorgeous spring day. I love the wait and the first listen.

    • stephenhero Says:

      I guess we could try to turn it into an event – but what/how?

      • Amy Says:

        Well, someone said “tour,” but I was referring to a single show/gig/listening party.

        Or a social media launch using various social tools, including live action capabilities, but I thought of that while working on a new social platform and my ideas seem dull and corporate.

        Bob Mould set up an effort to fund a concernt film on Kickstarter – I was on the site the other night and it’s neat how it’s set up – he’s offering various levels of support for various packages of merchandise. It’s kind of similar to what you’ve offered and ideas you mentioned. It reminded me of Bandcamp. A new music release like that would be fun.

        Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the new songs. Very exciting!

  5. Tom Says:

    great stuff bring it on stpehen

  6. Steven Says:

    I really CANNOT wait – fact !

  7. Stuart Says:

    I’m with Martyn. A gig is definitely in order. 16 years since my last gig with you aswell (at the Joiners in Southampton) has been far too long. Name a date and venue and I’ll be there. Looking forward to hearing your new stuff Patrick.

  8. Ha! Coincidence…getting all whimsy about a new KOD album open latest Q Mag in the bath and your young faces all peer out at me. Splendid.

  9. Hugh Keating Says:

    fantastic, patrick, keep the faith!

  10. DAVIE Says:

    One-off KOD gig? I’ll be booking my tickets as soon as it’s announced without a second thought. I haven’t been this excited in years, I cannot wait for this album!

  11. tomlast Says:

    I cannot wait to hear the new songs. Great news….
    A KOD gig would be unreal…..

  12. Dignan Says:

    I’m a Yank who discovered KOD late, and never got to see them live. If even a one-off gig were announced, it would take a small army to prevent me from flying to the UK to see it. What’s ten hours on a plane when there’s a KOD show at the end of the flight?

  13. Daveadoo Says:

    Been wondering if Disappeared is about your cute little doggie getting out one night.

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