December 8, 2012

Weather permitting today is the dawn of Dan. Cymbals hired. He’s bringing kit. 24 hours of hitting things. We’ve not seen each other in a long while. Might just ending up talking and walking. The sun is up, and a fog due to roll in. Jupiter high in the morning sky, the moon feint. Auguries of, erm, nothing of something in particular, as Billy once said.


3 Responses to “Rhythm”

  1. Steven Says:

    That is just TOO EXCITING ( see… used capitals) … was it called ‘To Love A Star’… ?

  2. DAVIE Says:

    Dan has joined? so it’s a KOD album? I think we’re all waiting for the reunion announcement!

  3. Tony C Says:

    Whatever the incarnation, whatever you care to call it, whatever it *IS*…I just want to hear it!

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