February 3, 2013

I can now say the recordings are done. Well, apart from a lead vocal I’m not totally happy with, and maybe I should just go back and tweak that celesta part that no one will be able to hear.
Near as dammit. 18 months of this, the longest I have ever laboured on a set of songs. The difference is clear, and the sounds Julian has conjured up very beautiful. Almost makes me want to go back and spend another 18 months on Apparition in the Woods. Almost.
Next up is mixing, my least favourite part of the process. But help is flying in, with his magic ears and sonic heart.


20 Responses to “Record”

  1. Rick Jacobs Says:

    I am too old to follow KOD around on tour like in my younger days but if and when you play live again, I’ll be there – just in a hotel rather than someone’s couch – someone who I just met at the concert.

  2. Rand Johnson Says:

    I can’t wait!!! Here’s to hoping it’s not another 18 months of mixing!

  3. I’m glad you are forging ahead in this Strange Free World. This is good news indeed. Looking forward to anything new you wish to put out.

  4. mark Says:

    great news 🙂

  5. Amazing news, keep going with good work and if is possible share with us pictures of the whole process, it will be super cool

  6. swede Says:

    I am almost too excited and need to lower my expectations but then again KOD will never ever disappoint.

  7. alternativemusicdotcom Says:

    Who do I contact about scheduling the American tour ?

    • stephenhero Says:

      Um – a higher power that can sort out all the impediments?

      • alternativemusicdotcom Says:

        Do have a desire to come to the states when the record is done (released to the public) to do some dates. I’d be more than happy to help you guys sort out things on this end if you’re interested.

  8. James Kidd Says:

    All sounds great Patrick. Any news on a release date?



    Sent from my iPad

  9. tomlast Says:

    Im really excited, never thought I’d hear new music from the three of you together again. Great news.

  10. jezzamy Says:

    the best music news I’ve heard in years, i’ll be hoping for some buzz in the music press because as far as i’m concerned this is far more exciting than the mbv return.

  11. Chris Says:

    Most of us are assuming this is a new Kitchens record. Just wondering if it was, or are you still undecided? Cheers

  12. swede Says:


    Wasn’t talking about the weather. I was talking about the feeling and during the summer the feeling just isn’t there when it comes to music. Almost all records are released during the autumn for a reason because that time of year people have more time and need for a new release.
    Releasing Kitchens of Distinction during summer would be like holding the winter olympics in Africa. The less panic to release it the better cause it needs time like a nice bottle of claret.
    I hope you are enjoying your stay in the antarctic mate!

  13. swede Says:

    Unless Jezzamy is into reagge or music that torments people during the awful months of summer cause that type of music gets released for summer.

    • jezzamy Says:

      Actually I am a fan of reggae music especially the dub variety and I never realised it tormented people!. I do see your point about summer, what I meant was that when it’s summer in the UK it’s more like winter in, for example, Australia. I agree most rock album releases wait until the autumn to coincide with tours, students and probably even the build to bloody Christmas. But what’s wrong with going against the grain anyway.

      • swede Says:

        Even aussie winter would be too hot for me as I hate summer altogether. Not like any release these days creates any major buzz and this release is just for us pillow biters out there, even those of us that are not gay.

        I would like to name any future tour “f*** off NME” and any true KOD fan should know why.

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