Everything louder than everything else

March 30, 2013

Just as well Julian came up. I forgot to put in the vital ingredient of stylophone/sitar that he had put together for one of the louder songs. All sonic space now occupied. All frequencies are go. Now all I have to do is make everything louder than everything else.

Went through 7 of the songs yesterday, all sounding done. 3 left for this morning. I’m already contemplating a new vocal for one of them, singing the song an octave lower. Last minute crucial tweaks.


8 Responses to “Everything louder than everything else”

  1. Tom Says:

    Wonderful cant wait to hear the results

  2. Trying tae get that perfect mix can be a bloody nightmare. I effing HATE mixing down. It can be a very disheartening process. I’m a right bundle of laughs this morning.

  3. Dave Cantrell Says:

    As a writer I have to rewrite. It’s pants, I hate it. Like to think I wrote it right the first damn time. But, of course, it’s always better after the dread passes. I add my voice to the chorus of ‘hardly wait.’ Cheers.

  4. Richie watts Says:

    Excellent news…alert the cd plant!

  5. Kate I. Says:

    Re: singing an octave lower – used to love when you would do that with the chorus of “Shiver” live. No matter what direction you choose, I’m beyond excited. 🙂

    • stephenhero Says:

      Turned out an octave lower didn’t cut through the track. So singing high this time round. Like a teenager. It work fine if done with just an acoustic guitar. But with Sonic Swales around that’s never going to happen!

  6. tomlast Says:

    Sounds like its all going to plan. I’ve alerted my friends who missed out the first time around.
    Really looking forward to it!

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