Luisa Casati

April 3, 2013

We’re mixing the one about Luisa Casati. If you’re interested here’s a précis of her extraordinary looks and life: Luisa Casati


3 Responses to “Luisa Casati”

  1. tomlast Says:

    Thanks, will explore.

  2. Paul Smith Says:

    It’s nothing like the same level of extravagance or art impact as Luisa Casati but for a while I’ve been curating a passion for the films stars of the 1930’s and very specifically for Jessie Matthews (some of her films are now in the public domain it’s got art-deco, posh frocks, a Rogers and Hart score, wirling stages and a homage to Metropolis in it). Her’s is also a fascinating life story too, bit by bit I’m trying to turn it into a drawn short form comic – sort of updating the romance comics of the 50s and 60s … here’s the first two pages including a summarised introduction to her

  3. Daveadoo Says:

    Extravagance is my favorite song from Folly. The music is just incredible but the lyrics even more so. I just went to the link to read up on Luisa Casati. Perhaps the finest all around song you’ve ever made.

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