Mixed, shaken, and stirred

May 6, 2013


Spent the weekend with Julian going through the songs for a last time. And yesterday we finished. 10 songs recorded by us, mixed with Pascal Gabriel, and featuring a mix of sounds that should satisfy some of those Kitchens aficionados.

Jules thinks it sounds nothing like old Kitchens, but like a new version sucked through time and space. Dan said he thought it would fit neatly between Death of Cool and Cowboys. Me? Well it certainly sounds like nothing I’ve recorded these past stephenhero years, so I’m glad as I wanted a change. It’s definitely a hark back to the sonic noise of KOD, but the lyrics are wiser, and the songs less fraught. But don’t get me wrong, they are no less intense.

This is a thorough emotional rinsing lasting 42 of your earth minutes.

Next – mastering, artwork, formats. And yes, there will be 180g vinyl before you ask.

But NO live shows featuring all 3 of us. Do you hear? That’s a NO to those sitting in the back.


23 Responses to “Mixed, shaken, and stirred”

  1. Tom Says:

    wow, can we have a sneaky peek at a track???????

  2. Joshua Says:

    Never thought I’d see another KOD record. Very happy! Any chance of live shows featuring one of three or two of three?

  3. Dave Cantrell Says:

    This just makes me..very..happy.

  4. Tom Says:

    pulsating news be the bestt release in the last 15 years i bet…

  5. Jim Ballard Says:

    Patrick, do you already have a graphic designer to do the artwork? Would you be willing to accept fan submissions? I would gladly send you my portfolio.

  6. Riley Elph Says:

    I wait with bated breath and baited traps. Here kitty-kitty.

  7. Uh, a little gobsmacked at seeing the KOD letters again. A new Kitchens Record? Really? This year just keeps getting better. I’m going to go weep with joy now.

  8. swede Says:

    Congrats on this and the description of the album sounds like a dream. Not sure you need to be hard on yourself and describe the lyrics as wiser cause the old lyrics are just amazing and full of wisdom.

  9. swede Says:

    On the live show thingy I will say that means I will not feel bad about missing out on them having never seen your amazing band live. Somehow that means the mythology will remain and that is sometimes a good thing. I just hate to travel is all.

  10. Chris Says:

    Live shows or not, this is brilliant news.Any info with regards to a label?

  11. martyn@advocateevents.co.uk Says:

    I’m ecstatic about this news and will be buying tickets for both the London and Birmingham gigs when they are announced. Release date for album in mind?

  12. Richie watts Says:

    Sounds excellent prospect to me…eagerly anti updating release/order dates!

    • Richie watts Says:

      Eagerly awaiting …. Not anti updating… iPhone predictive text!!
      Last time I saw you play was the 57 stars launch at the roadhouse in Manchester.
      Pity no further KOD dates …but never say never!!

  13. Paul Smith Says:

    Dies, goes to heaven, tries some complaining.

    Comes back (implausibly) to find it really is true, a new KOD album. Heartfelt thanks to the three of you for giving it another go.

    This is something I’d never dared to dream would happen, we’ll get another chance to hear that singing violet fire and be enchanted by the most precious, soaring sounds imaginable.

    A lifetime ago there was a review of Strange Free World in the very short-lived ‘Lime Lizard’ magazine which claimed it to be an album as important as life itself. Here’s something even more amazing – a resurrection.

  14. […] — who, in recent years, has performed as Stephen Hero — posted on his blog this week that the record is finished, and features “a mix of sounds that should satisfy some […]

  15. Liza180 Says:

    You don’t have to put on a show, but come out to CA for a visit. It will be a nice respite. San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara area. Maybe play guitar and serenade me? I wouldn’t mind. 🙂 So glad to hear about this. I loved DoC. One of my faves.

  16. The new KoD record needs a designer and that happens to be my forte AND some of my earliest design memories were of trying to deconstruct the aesthetic of the Strange Free World cover and spending study hall hours doodling offshoot work from it (mock tee shirt designs, single covers, etc) with a Sharpie in my sketchbook.
    Its like it was meant to be!
    Plus you cannot beat my pricing.
    In short, please let me design the new Kitchens of Distinction cover for total great success forever.
    No matter what you decide, I’m incredibly excited for new KoD.

    You can see my work at

    and here on FB at

  17. Henz Says:

    Great news. Looking forward to the album, when can we expect it?

  18. tomlast Says:

    This is surreal and amazing. I’d accepted the fact that the Kitchens would never record again. Now I get to buy the new record on 180g vinyl. In 2013.
    Thanks for recording again guys.

  19. Jim G Says:

    Best new thing in the world!
    (sorry Rachel…)

  20. Paul Smith Says:

    For those struggling to wait until late summer. Pates Tapes has the Kitchens Of Distinction Peel session show available …

    The mixtape rule of thematic linking ensures ‘Four Men’ segues into the Four Brothers.


  21. Elouise Says:

    I’m so happy to see this. I found out about KOD recently (don’t know why so late) and I’m in love.

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