May 8, 2013


Thanks for your interesting comments on the last post. I’m wary of replying individually as I don’t want to end up like this bloke. But here are some answers:

The record should be out late summer, and will be released by 3 loop music:

Contact them if you want to know more about release schedules and formats, or if you are in the industry and want this and want that in ways that will only befuddle me. Go and find them on Facebook and ‘like’ their page to get regular updates, you modern people.

The artwork is already done, and currently with the layout person who is doing a lovely job – thanks for the offers but we’re sorted.

I’m now going to have a lie down and think about what happens next.


4 Responses to “Comments”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hoping for a quick summer… can’t wait to hear the new music. There is a special place in my music library already reserved for it, where it will be nurtured and cherished and allowed to reach full bloom alongside my KOD albums from the 20th century. All the best to you – and thanks for the updates!

  2. Ant Heald Says:

    Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! I know I’m a little slow on spotting that new material is in the offing, but you can’t imagine how exciting it is to hear about it. I love it that I’ve reached 45 and can still feel like this! 45. Good number. Will there be a single? Dug my turntable out of storage a few months back: Strange Free World was still on the platter.

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