June 26, 2013

The new record has now been mastered. IMG_1652
So I’m posting a picture of a trapped moth to celebrate.

Next up is getting a song played on the radio.

Record should be out early September. But you know how these things go. If it was 1972 it would be out next week. Modernity seems to have made things slower.

Next for me is getting back in the studio to fiddle with the songs and do some creative mixing. Instrumentals, ambient versions, trying to figure out how to do it live.

Off to sunbathe at Mick’s in Mustique now he’s busy at Glastonbury. You know how we musicians are.


8 Responses to “Mastered”

  1. Richie watts Says:

    Excellent news…the live suggestion is intriguing!
    Last time live was at the 57 stars launch at the roadhouse…

  2. Angela Says:

    YAY!! So excited 😀

  3. Steve Says:

    Live…how you tease us so! 1972 would have me in nappies, I’ll take the wait thanks!

  4. swede Says:

    Thank God it looks likely it will be released in September which is of course the most perfect month for this type of music if you know what I mean….

  5. I look forward to it, Patrick

  6. swede Says:

    I was just thinking about what your lyrics are about this time and what the title of the album will be. Not been this excited about a new album since swedish indie legends Broder Daniel released their last album 10 years ago this fall.
    This was the first single from that album in 2003 and despite their english never being the best, which was part of the charm, that album still remains as the best one by any swedish band I know of.

    For you Patrick:

  7. This is very exciting news. I’ve been a huge fan since 1991. I hope you tour the U.S. when it’s released, more importantly, you play at a venue in Orlando.

  8. whisk Says:

    Wait… did you say… “live” ???

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