The planets

July 24, 2013

There’s always going to be references to the cosmos in stuff I write. Can’t help it. Otherness, other worlds, possibilities. In a recent interview Buzz Aldrin described his experience of standing on the moon as an awareness of desolation and emptiness. I paraphrase. But I guess it was also astonishingly beautiful. I wanted so much to be an astronaut as a child. The nearest I got was visits to the radio telescope at Jodrell Bank. Still an astonishing structure today that sits oddly in the Cheshire plain. Great views from the hills above Macclesfield.
My favourite Holst planet is Neptune.
My favourite planet is Earth of course.
My favourite book that captures the immensity, the desolation, the oddness, is Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino.
And my favourite colour is….



2 Responses to “The planets”

  1. swede Says:

    Gustav Holst, maybe you should honour the half english half swede somehow.

  2. swede Says:

    By the way when I first heard KOD it was the music itself that gave me a reference to cosmos. Then the lyrics just added to it. The end to many of your songs is like disappearing into the universe in a safe rocket away from it all.

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