July 31, 2013

The new Kitchens of Distinction record is available for pre-order today from 3 loop music. And here’s the link, and here’s what I have to say about it.

Folly – Kitchens of Distinction

Not so much a reformation as a reconciliation. Reconciling the past with who we are now. That what we had to offer 20 years ago was actually worth making AND worth listening to. That all the frustrations, elations, regrets, and ambitious lustings are put behind us. Now it’s time to say “Again!” Not as a gigging band, but as a creative unit.

Not sitting in a hot practice room playing music, planning gigs, being drunkly young, but rather talking over tea, over Stratocasters, and over and over about what happened then, and what happens now.

It started with an idea. That me and Julian would write some new music together. No more than that. Nameless. Just see if was possible, and also fun. And it was possible, and it was fun. We wrote and wrote, and played and played, and over the course of 2 years shaped up ten songs that we were happy with.

I worked on the words and singing at my studio in Derbyshire. Played piano, keyboards, bass, guitars, and programmed lots of stuff. Julian worked in his studio in Brighton, recording his guitars, his sitars, his cello and his Stylophone. We met up three times over the months to make the whole cohesive. Dan dipped in briefly to add his rhythmic advice and some beautiful cymbal playing. And it sounded like Kitchens. And so it was christened.

And suddenly it was done.

Pascal Gabriel joined in, mixing the record in the first week of April 2013. He took our rough recordings and made them bigger, brighter, better.

I like what we have made. It isn’t a rehash of our old records, yet it still sounds like us. No escaping that then. There isn’t a “Third Time” or a “Drive That Fast”. Instead there’s an “I Wish It Would Snow” and a “Japan to Jupiter”.

Yes, it’s Folly to try again. Yes, it was Folly in the first place, the daft idea of a being in a band. But without this madness, how pale our lives would be. Without those strange useless Follies that dot Britain how plain the landscape would be. Folie á Deux – a medical condition where two people share the same psychotic delusion. Folie á Trois? What a marvelous crazed thing we have made, full of hope.


1/ Oak Tree

2/ Extravagance

3/ Disappeared

4/Photographing Rain

5/ Japan to Jupiter

6/ Wolves/Crows

7/ No Longer Elastic

8/ I Wish It Would Snow

9/ Tiny Moments, Tiny Omens

10/ The Most Beautiful Day

I’ll write more about the songs once the record is released.



22 Responses to “Folly”

  1. Richie watts Says:

    Excellent wonderful amazing.
    Bundle ordered immediately.
    Just two months to wait now!

  2. Chris Says:

    Great news on a miserable day.

  3. “That what we had to offer 20 years ago was actually worth making AND worth listening to.” It certainly was. Just ordered the vinyl version. 🙂

  4. I wish you could hear me laughing. Like a fool.

  5. […] Settembre 2012. Sedici anni dopo la fine artistica e a diciotto dall’epitaffio discografico dei magnifici proto-gazer KOD, gli “originali” Patrick Fitzgerald (dal 2000 noto come Stephen Hero, e ancor prima autore del progetto Fruit e Lost Girls) e Julian Swales si riuniscono con la dote di dieci nuove canzoni. A distanza di oltre sette mesi arriva l’ufficialità. I Kitchens Of Distinction, a cui si (ri)unisce anche il batterista Dan Goodwin, hanno terminato il primo album a 19 anni dall’ultimo ‘Cowboys And Aliens’. “A mix of sounds that should satisfy some of those Kitchens aficionados. Next – mastering, artwork, formats. And yes, there will be 180g vinyl before you ask. But NO live shows featuring all 3 of us. Do you hear? That’s a NO to those sitting in the back”. Il disco si chiama ‘Folly’ sarà fuori il 30 settembre via 3 Loop Music. Ecco i primo 30 secondi di nuova musica (apri). Leggi il messaggio di Fitzgerald (apri). […]

  6. aerostace Says:

    I’m a bit weirded out by all of this Patrick! It’s been 17 years since I trekked to a record shop – Sister Ray I believe – to buy the last Kitchens release.

    Truly hope I like the new album. Quite like the cover – it’s nice ‘n’ simple.

    Ps. How’s your health now? Trust the ole body is adjusting well.

    • stephenhero Says:

      You’re weirded out! And yes I hope you like it. But please don’t expect more of the same.

      • aerostace Says:

        Keeping an open mind. I’m guessing you’re not going to do a ‘Kid A’ on us (that wouldn’t be a bad thing), but it will be interesting to see how things have developed after the long hiatus.

    • swede Says:

      Back in them days Sister Ray was like a candy shop with so much great indie music. Reminded me of how this swede pissed the staff off by flashing his plastic card and buying loads of albums like some spoilt rich kid which I was not.

  7. Henz Says:

    This is very good news. I can’t wait to hear the first Kitchens after 20 years! Hope to see you live as well soon.

  8. Michael Says:

    A few months ago I mentioned to a friend what an exciting year it was for music, what with the new My Bloody Valentine and Boards of Canada lp’s. “All I need now is a new Kitchens of Distinction album and my life will be complete” I said, so thank you! And if you want to make me delirious play live!

  9. chris Says:


    I have not been so thrilled and excited to purchase an album in quite a long time. The second musical snippet you’ve released only serves to ratchet up the excitement. It sounds sublime. Kudos to you lot for making many people happy – again.

    Hope that you are feeling well these days.

  10. All we need now is a nice mini tour so we can be blasted out by KOD lovliness just once more before we croak it.

  11. swede Says:

    Wow the words from Patrick are so poetic and powerful. Doubt any artist have ever presented an upcoming album in such a beautiful way.
    So happy about the release date cause it is perfect in my book.

  12. whisk Says:

    Just… a million times thank you. For the truly remarkable music you’ve already given us, and for the unexpected joy that another Kitchens release promises. I. cannot. fucking. wait. 😀

  13. Vinnie Says:

    Just seconding (tenthing?) the appreciation for what you guys have made over the past 25 years and I hope you continue to continue. Not gonna pull out the cliche that your music saved my life but… there have been many moments where the music made it so much better, or more bearable. Very happy there’s more to come, can’t wait to hear it.

  14. bill Says:

    You are a beautiful genius, and your band is one of the best bands ever. What a delightful surprise to hear about a new recording from Kitchens.

  15. Márcio Ferreira Says:

    This is wonderful, such a thrilling and incredible year like this 2013. It could be confused for any year of the 90’s, which were an absolutely amazing time for the wonderful bands it has unelashed. The KOD were and is one of my all-time favorite band, listened to it a lot. Thanks Patrick, Julian and Dan. Cheers from Brazil.

  16. Daveadoo Says:

    ‘I Wish It Would Snow’ should be a chart topper if the right people play it.

  17. john carrington Says:

    Bought the album. Love it. Enough classic KOD on there to tempt any long standing fan, but its great you’ve changed as well. Love the commercial stuff like wish it would snow and tiny moments, but my fave is disappeared. Glorious mess of a song Love the lyrics of that and Tiny moments. Being really cheeky here, but any chance of good copies of various demo’s or re-recorded versions of presumably the lost KOD 5th album appearing? Long and Searched and the rest. Love them too and would pay to have other than LO-FI copies. Hint hint :0) thanks again for making my year.and please please do it again.

  18. Daveadoo Says:

    *noise of shuffling papers* …That roundtable show was perhaps the worst piece of… *shuffling papers*… radio I have ever heard. Turn those 6’s upside down and add… *shuffling papers*…a 1 to each and you have three 10’s. Folly ranks up there as arguably your best album… **one more annoying sound of shuffling papers for effect**

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