July 31, 2013

Steve Lamacq of BBC6music will be playing the radio edit of Japan to Jupiter on his show tonight. And it starts in 5 minutes!


11 Responses to “Radio”

  1. Just heard him announce it, as if it’s the sort of thing that happens everyday. Which I suppose it is, for him. Me: I nearly fell off my chair.

  2. Heard it. Chuffed to bits. Pre-ordering the album tomorrow.

  3. aerostace Says:

    You can listen to the track on the BBC website for the next 7 days >>

    Steve Lamacq introduces the song approx. 1h 45m 46s into the broadcast.

    N.B. I’m not sure whether those outside the UK will be able to stream content on the BBC website.

  4. Davidoo Says:

    The line “The needle gathers dust” along with the tempo of the song reminds me very much of a record spinning on a turntable.

  5. Paul Smith Says:

    I may have to drfit off to sleep with this on an endless loop, it’s all shimmery and fluid but with a crisp and clean melodic sense, vocal clear and up-front in the mix. It’s a heady mix of fond recollections of 70’s glam nostaliga, glitter, mascara, wearing your mums earings and ‘trying to smoke fags like a girl’, listening to Bowie and then copying and immitating your heroes. No, no, no, no, no, it’s good – I wanted to take it home …. it’s really really good, Death of Cool with added perspective good.

  6. It is flipping brilliant. You boys have been sorely missed. Vinyl and CD on order.

  7. Lamacq is right you have influenced Interpol…they are sort of like a rubbish version of KOD.

    • swede Says:

      Yeah, I always wondered why people and media compared them with KOD but they needed a bad version of them and that Interpol surely are and not even that.

  8. Two months to wait for the album. What a bloody bastard long time thats going to be.

  9. Suffice to say I have fallen in love with this track, I was listening to it over and over in bed last night. I don’t really miss being young as I found it a bit over-rated, however Japan to Jupiter made me want to go back to being 18 again (just for a day or 2 mind).

    Anyway, it is a bit of a fiddle to keep getting Steve L to play it over and over…when will it be available on DL? (Or 12″ perhaps??) as there is NO WAY I can wait until end of September to listen to it again.


  10. swede Says:

    Japan to Jupiter for me is a perfect marriage between KOD and Stephen Hero. I see why people mention Bowie and Suede and people are eager to always compare music with other music. I just think that makes people not listen with an open mind.

    In these times people have already made their mind up about things before they listen and that is what basically killed music off. I hope this release makes music important again like it used to be.

    People mention age and growing older and here I was thinking only swedes were like that but maybe ageism has reached the UK as well cause it seemed to be a more openminded place in regards to that. The inside does not grow old like the body does as long as your health is with you and I hope it will be for Patrick for many years to come as I am sure he will get better.

    I will not talk about tours like others have here cause we do not want Patrick to become like Morrissey who toured so much it affected his health. Take it easy Patrick and lap up our admiration for you and your bands music and your amazing lyrics. I am sure that will be the big healer.

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