Japan to Jupiter

August 6, 2013

Here’s the video we made, featuring ourselves and our fans in various guises. I really love the way this feels, a celebration of our 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, teenage, glamorous, depressed, miserable, ecstatic youth. It looks like such a laugh. Thanks so much to everyone who was courageous enough to send in their photos.

Of course I prefer this version of the song as it is complete. It has the dip after the middle 8, and it has the final verse where the wig is taken off, the lipstick smeared, and the illusion revealed. The beautiful girl is really a hairy trucker.


8 Responses to “Japan to Jupiter”

  1. […] Here’s what KOD singer/bassist Patrick Fitzgerald had to say about the above video on his blog: […]

  2. swede Says:

    Absolutely brilliant and epic!

  3. Jed Cordner Says:

    heartwarming,can’t wait for the album!

  4. James Kidd Says:

    I’ve ordered the “very special bundle” from 3 Loop. Roll on 30 September. Good to have you back guys

  5. dkantian.79@comcast.net Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Perhaps not the forum but wasn’t sure which other avenue to go down (3 Loop?) but:

    I’m senior editor at Caught In The Carousel magazine and could think of nearly nothing more pleasing than doing a lavish review of this record to coincide with the release date. Would require about a 3-week lead-in so was wondering which direction one might go, if possible at all, to have a download sent. Audacious to ask, maybe, but figured I had to. Been a long wait – even longer when factoring in the prevailing likelihood over the years that KoD were no more and would be no more – would like to have a hand in spreading the word, the work, the joy of it. Thanks for any consideration, and/or for forwarding this wherever it may need go. Cheers, and a most hearty ‘welcome back.’

    Dave Cantrell

    (sample review from CITC):


  6. Henz Says:

    What a great new song. Love it and the video too. Look forward to the album.

  7. gdwessel Says:

    This is, absolutely, the only thing that could have cheered me up today. I am so glad there is new Kitchens of Distinction material. One of the best and most underrated/overlooked bands in history. Welcome back.

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