Not dead

July 13, 2014

As proof here’s a picture of last night’s moon.



7 Responses to “Not dead”

  1. James Kidd Says:

    Glad to hear it. Keep it that way.
    Oh and I read that there may be no tour to support the album. Any chance of a reconsideration of that? Please?

  2. Daveadoo Says:

    Super! Moon!

    Enjoyed its largeness and yellowness as it first rose last night in the Washington D.C. area.

  3. michael Says:

    The new CD is great. Why not tour, and play in DC?

  4. Rand Johnson Says:

    “Not dead”?… Does this mean you are alive, or have you bridged the gap as undead? I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as you are at the piano’s reach.

    How unlikely would it be to have lyrics to the Stephen Hero and Fruit projects? KoD are pretty well represented in their albums in one way or another (though not the b-sides). Darkness & the Day had the lyrics, but not some of the earlier and later eps. In my dreamland, there is a page that I can go to and read the lyrics to your songs. As much as the music has always been intrinsic to any project, I’m a fan of the written word. Your lyrics have always been more than half of the reason I continue to come back ’round. I can’t always make out what is being said and I’m just wishing. Really hard, though. Like… REALLY hard. Please?…

  5. Daveadoo Says:

    Join Lauren Bacall float up to heaven’s gate.
    Wearing danger smiles. She’ll meet with the stars,
    they’ll break down doors.
    Those shining pearls float off in space.
    I’m raving beautifully.

  6. Daveadoo Says:

    “Your head’s on fire your heart it burns
    This tight suffocating universe
    The galaxy is fixed and we cannot move
    I’m getting vertigo from open blue skies”

    Love singing this very loud. Very therapeutic.

  7. Daveadoo Says:

    The old school video game sound effects at the very end of ‘I wish it would snow’ – why? Stay home and play Space Invaders?

    Don’t ever recall anything like it in any of your other songs.

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