Lost Girls

August 19, 2014


Lost Girls is a collaboration between me and Heidi Berry. We wrote and recorded during 1998-99, starting off as a duo, and ending up as a 5 piece band. In that time we released only one single – ‘Needle’s Eye’. But we recorded lots of songs. These varied from folk-tinged to power pop, to the usual Patrick obscenities. Even Heidi swore a lot on the enigmatic ‘Folk Fuck’. Ever keen to see these songs released, believing them to be rather lovely, I played them to the people at 3 Loop Music who put out Folly. They were up for putting these recordings out. So, after 15 years of shelf life, out they come, at the end of October, and you can buy the CD/Vinyl/Download here:
Lost Girls Recordings

I’ve written more about the history of the band on the liner notes. And once it’s out I’ll write more about the songs. Suffice to say you might know ‘Needle’s Eye’ songs, and perhaps ‘NYC’ which I re-recorded for Darkness & the Day. From ethereal yearning to manic paranoid rock, it’s a wildly varied and harmony-layered work of joy.

Acknowledgement here to the marvellous work of Ashley Wood (guitars/vocal harmonies), Dave Morgan (drums/percussion) and Kim Smith (bass/harmonies), without whom these songs would still be sitting forlonly on a shelf.


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