Hold Me Down

October 2, 2014

Lost Girls songs varied so much. This song was one of the up poppy ones. Or was it the only up beat poppy one?

I really like the way our voices work together. And you can hear Kim Smith singing the high harmonies, and I’m pretty sure you can hear Ashley Wood in the mix there. It’s him playing the chirpy riff guitars, based on a dulcimer riff I had. Dave Morgan brilliant on drums.

The lyrics? Lord, what am I on about? Another experimental phase. The song imagines that the Need for Love is a physical kind of beast, one that could be excised and pinned out like a butterfly or moth. Imagining what it would be like to cut it out and examine this torturer. And once removed the hollowness left would be quite OK to live with. And then I would meet someone who also had their Need for Love excised, and we would live calmly and absently together. It was clearly time to change my life, and I did so a year later, moving to the wilds of western Ireland.


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