Needle’s Eye

November 18, 2014

This was the only Lost Girls single we released. On CD and 7″ vinyl. One of the first songs we did together. Heidi came up with the complete song, and I put the backing track together. Laurence O’Keefe (Levitation/Dark Star) played bass on it too – the deep sonic stuff you can hear right from the start. For the technically minded: all the Lost Girls vocals were done in my hallway, on an AKG C3000 which I found in a drawer earlier this week and still works! It went through a Drawmer 1960 and Drawmer 1961 on its way to the Alesis ADATs. This microphone did the Fruit album as well. Tried to replace it with a 414 XLS – no contest, the 3000 is far better.
And out of gear world…we played this live as a duo – but I can’t remember how! I must have played bass through my effects, and Heidi I guess played some keyboards. Poor memory, burnt out on tedious cigarettes and alcohol. Great song.


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