You are Gold

June 12, 2015

Well here it is: Golden EP

If you download the full EP then you get these 4 songs, with 2 bonus instrumental tracks, and a PDF of the handwritten lyrics. All for £2 – Bargain Wooze!

Golden – 3 minutes of woozy sonic love with the gorgeous vocals of Tanya Donelly singing with me.

It Will Continue – You can’t keep a bitter angry man down: ‘as the traitors queue to airkiss you’

His Judas Tree – You can’t keep a hurt bitter man down: ‘give back the sweat of a thousand night’s loving’

Sellotaping Leaves – You can try to turn back the clock, but the leaves will continue to fall. This was the first song I wrote after Folly, so you can see the joins.

Why 4 songs, Patrick? Because all the other ones are taken in the other two projects I’m working on.
What projects are those? They are collaborations with two men I’ve not worked with before. And they are fantastic fun and take me away from these simple feelings.



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