Oskar’s Drum

August 28, 2015

is a new band. Yves Altana has written the music and I’ve written the singing.

First gig is December 19th opening for Chameleons Vox at Manchester Academy.

With Danny Ashberry and Kev Clark on bass and drums. 

It’s 1980 Top of the Pops, when McGeoch has joined Siouxsie. It’s 1972 when Ziggy played guitar. When Joni Mitchell was blue. It’s Moominpappa at Sea, sailing out to the lighthouse. It’s Gibson guitars and Montague Terrace. It’s Baudelaire and Poulenc songs, Kraftwerk and Berlin Zoo. It’s a bit Kitchens inevitably. But it is NEW. 



6 Responses to “Oskar’s Drum”

  1. Hormoz Says:

    Hurrah! Can’t wait for the gigs.

  2. Hormoz Says:

    ps – great name!

  3. Excited, great news!

  4. herr spass Says:

    R.Simon, J.McGeoch: the greatest lineage in the amazing Magazine.

  5. swede Says:

    This is for you Patrick, God bless. Greetings from Sweden.

  6. swede Says:

    Forgot the link LOL:

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