Two songs 

November 17, 2015

Here are excerpts of two new Oskar’s Drum songs. This is my project with Yves Altana, with Danny Ashberry on bass and Kev Clark on drums. First gig December 19th opening for Chameloens Vox at Manchester Academy. 


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  1. The Swede Says:

    Sounds magical Patrick, wow!

  2. Nick b Says:

    These are great Patrick and will look forward to the album. Was @ Lindisfarne at the weekend and came over with a big Stephen Hero craving !

  3. susie Says:

    love love love x infinity

  4. BluePedal Says:

    Worth a try – Who plays that mean guitar on Feed me on the banks of the river nile and Hamlet was a prince please?

  5. BluePedal Says:

    I’ve been listening to your solo work again. Golden is a great song. A hit in another age long past now.

    Two songs in particular strike me as being very personal…

    Crazed, full of hope and I Will Sleep

    Any thoughts on these songs? Crazed, full of hope sounds like it should have a bullet sound and a thud at the end. I Will Sleep is just an amazing song. Maybe my favorite.

    Thanks Patrick for all the great music.

    • stephenhero Says:

      Hi Blue Pedal, I’ve had to have a think about that. Not listened to those songs in a long time. Crazed was always a favourite of mine and I Will Sleep felt like it had more to give that I couldn’t find. In general I feel my solo recordings are in need of a good producer! Good ideas, though not that well implemented. The joy of doing Oskar’s Drum is having Yves there sorting out the sounds. He’s doing a fantastic job. You’ll hear soon.
      My favourites? Probably Landed as a record, Fruit as a concept, and Other Men’s Flowers as a song. But that could change in an hour.
      Cheers. Patrick

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