CD versus download versus streaming

August 8, 2016

Conundrum in these modern times. What’s your take on it? Or are you all seriously only buying vinyl? 

Answers on a digital postcard please to the usual address. 


26 Responses to “CD versus download versus streaming”

  1. Chris Says:

    I tend to buy Vinyl of artists I really like and stream those I’m not sure of. Will get Oskar’s Drum on vinyl (if thats an option).

  2. Richie Says:

    Vinyl if at all possible…failing that cd or download

  3. Over the last 12 month I have found my love for vinyl again over cd’s but I do have to say I’m not that keen on digital downloads unless it comes with vinyl.

  4. Johan Says:

    I’ll buy it on CD or vinyl if possble. I’ll buy it as download too if that’s the only option but then I’ll burn a CD of it.

  5. stephenhero Says:

    Thank you folks. Didn’t realise vinyl was so important to you – I can’t stand it! I am a heathen. Oskar’s Drum is being mixed now and then it’s time for pressing. Had a nightmare with the 7″ vinyl test pressing which is why it hasn’t happened so far. And that’s put me off the format. Will have to rethink.

  6. Geoff Says:

    Never streaming, in my humble opinion streaming is killing the spirit of music. It just becomes background. And you don’t really ever own it. So you don’t invest in it. My favourite formats are vinyl with download, followed by cd with download. But I have to own it.

  7. Chris Says:

    I’ll buy the CD if vinyl is an issue!


    i buy both the CD and the
    vinyl. I rarely download. never stream.

  9. Paul P. Says:

    I’m old school in that I still like physical releases, and yet have not jumped back on the vinyl bandwagon so CD is my preferred format. Second choice would be download. I don’t like streaming for reasons cited above and concerns about data usage.

  10. LanceWex Says:

    It depends on the album whether I prefer vinyl or CD. I won’t buy a download at all unless FLAC is an option. And streaming doesn’t even exist in my music world.

  11. Simon Says:

    Digital only for me since that has been possible. About 15 years I suppose. I love my old records, but the convenience of digital makes them all but obsolete. Also, I have an Amazon Echo now, so from anywhere in my living room I can say a few words and music starts. This is many orders of magnitude easier than dealing with vinyl.

  12. Bill Carney Says:

    Digital. I can’t stream everywhere I go, and I’m too old to be a vinyl loving hipster.

  13. Nick B Says:

    Has to be cd or vinyl. Really the downloading thing just passes me by and therefore sadly missed out on “Golden” and no doubt this.I did the cd/vinyl double for both Folly and Lost Girls – great packages that were worth every penny. For me part of the enjoyment is still the physical aspect of owning something and reading the credits etc but appreciate that im in the minority.

  14. Any format that is lossless, preferably FLAC so it can be converted to m4a format for iTunes. Who doesn’t love vinyl but if I’m shelling out, I want the best sound quality available. Best case scenario … vinyl offerings always include lossless digital files.

  15. I’ll follow many leads here and go with favored three options as 1) vinyl w/download
    2) CD
    3) streaming / download only (which, being the old guy I am, I’ll also convert to a CD
    So long as I can have it available to play I’m good.

  16. I prefer to download.

  17. mark t Says:

    vinyl with hi rez download (FLAC or better) or cd. no streaming no downloads by themselves, and no mp3. i am in the usa so cd is cheaper to ship here than vinyl.

  18. binary Says:

    I know downloading is the future but i still like a cd. I’ve never been into vinyl. The idea that pops and crackles are part of the experience is just bizarre.

  19. Douglas Brain Says:

    CD will always have a place in my house!

  20. Mike Kirkelie Says:

    I think that every piece of vinyl should come with a free digital download. I would buy only vinyl if that happened.

  21. Robbie Phillips Says:

    lp, MP3. As you know I’m a little bit of a Luddite. I’d rather pay more for better and bigger. (Ahem) The paper/cardboard sleeve CDs started coming in revealed them to be as ordinary as they truly are. Cd-r copies are just as worthwhile if you ask me. I use download for portable and vinyl for keeping and listening and tidal for Beyoncé. And Prince. I want streaming to work but mine rarely does. I like giving bey and jay my 10$ per month tho.

  22. stephenhero Says:

    Thanks again everyone. Really helpful to know what works and what doesn’t. Should have asked before!

  23. Paul Wryly Says:

    I like vinyl, as an item, but don’t play it (people’s nostalgic love for format distortion does not impress me as much as the aesthetic, especially pretty colours, because I am shallow like that), so will only buy it with a download code, and will often go for CD if it’s prohibitively expensive. I buy digital where there is no physical option to support the artists. For the music I buy, I don’t think that those likely to ‘steal’ the music have any passion for music and are less likely to buy or care about supporting the artists anyway. I illegally download material as either a way to properly preview material or due to unavailability. I don’t have some ‘principal’ that dictates that I will delete things that I choose not to buy, as I may grow into it later and see the error in my original judgement.
    In summation, if I like something, I will buy it one way or another, as funds allow.

  24. Paul Says:

    I would go with vinyl + download personally. CD as next best option.

  25. SimonH Says:

    CD please! No desire to return to vinyl….

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