Platform Shoes

February 18, 2017

We’ve made a video for The April Seven song ‘Platform Shoes’. The CD of Pop Tarkovsky has been repressed and is available again from Bandcamp

I’m very fond of this song. Fred sings of our 70s youth, the foibles, the fashion, the New York Dolls, Bowie. What a great time to be a kid, such amazing stomping music. What an awful time to be a kid, playing fashion catch up, the mad switch from glam to punk. Fred was down in Southampton, dealing with the southern prejudices. I was at school in Rusholme, at the hands of the ruffians. Couldn’t wait to escape. 


7 Responses to “Platform Shoes”

  1. BluePedal Says:

    There’s a bad defect in the sound of the video at 3:49. Thought you’d like to know.

  2. Dave Cantrell Says:

    As you may well guess from the review I wrote for this record, I’m very pleased indeed to not only see it given the video treatment but as well have a new reason to hear it again. Made my day.

    Cheers, Dave

  3. rudyard Says:

    nice mr hero

  4. Nick B Says:

    Hi Patrick, great cd thanks, has not been off the car stereo over the last week, Off topic:- is there any chance of “This Imaginary Woman” been reissued on cd at some future date? thanks Nick

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