Anyone But Yourself Video

March 11, 2017

This was fun. A weekend in Wales, meeting up with my friend Fern to support her on her odyssey around the newly opened and lengthy coastal path. She was in Anglesey, one of my favourite places, so I went down for the weekend. Fern and I had worked together years ago on This Imaginary Woman, a theatrical song cycle of grief for Volcano theatre company. Now 13 years later I wondered if she fancied dancing to our new Oskar’s Drum song? We talked about different scenarios: a dark studio room with roaming lights, of two dancers interacting. What about just dancing on the beach listening to the song for the first time, I asked? Only if I can do anything I want, said Fern, knowing that she wasn’t one to hold back. And here it is, spliced from three performances in quick succession: wild, wet and free. Love it. Thanks so much Fern. 

The single is available at Oskar’s Drum Bandcamp shop.


4 Responses to “Anyone But Yourself Video”

  1. Mike Says:

    I am always impressed by your music.

  2. BluePedal Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Tom Robinson. Thanks for doing it. I got some answers to questions in my head.

  3. swede Says:

    Hiya Patrick!

    Do you know if the swedish band Superswirls dedicated the song “A lad insane” to you cause this demo says “Till Patrick Fitzgerald” (To Patrick Fitzgerald) and I think the music sounds a bit KOD.

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