Autumn gigs

September 23, 2017

Though quiet here, it’s been a busy time. I’ve written a guide to end of life care, for patients and families rather than doctors. More of that soon – it will be out in October hopefully.

To brighten the mood after months of intense focus on dying, there are two gigs booked. Oskar’s Drum play Salford October 29th at the Eagle with Stephen Hero (me, solo) opening. We play London Oslo, November 3rd, opening for Brix and the Extricated. The second Oskar album is a huge dark beast, and we’re looking forward to playing a few of the new songs at these shows. It will be out early in the new year.

You can get tickets for Salford from Bandcamp by clicking here: BANDCAMP

You can get tickets for London: HERE

Happy equinox everyone. Here’s to the darker days, if they could be any darker.


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