May 18, 2018

Lots of good intentions to write here. Instead I wrote elsewhere. In little notebooks. Then burnt them. But what use is that to those wanting urgent information in these immediate times?

Well, news-hounds, here’s what I’ve been up to. Oskar 2 is in mid mix. I think it’s quite startling; a step into the Upside Down from A Cathedral of Hands. But aren’t we already living there? Those are the key themes. How, in some god’s name, did Orange Man happen? For our entertainment? As punishment? Were we not vigilant? The Manics are wrong – Resistance is Beautiful.

In my spare time, other than planting and hoeing, I’ve also written a new Stephen Hero record. Recording has just begun on that. First one in 9 years.

A fertile time for me, mulched by the excrement of Trump.


4 Responses to “Neglect”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Donald, it’s time for your injection…

  2. bcarney Says:

    I think Trump’s detractors have added far more ugliness to the world than he could possibly have by himself; and as such, I think I’ll be passing on this next album. I don’t want to feed the flames.

    • stephenhero Says:

      Well thanks for letting me know Bill. I’m always interested in the debate, not the closed one sidedness. Pretty sure my politics haven’t changed since Kitchens days, but was that more palatable for you then? Or could we both cope with differences of opinion whereas now that’s not an option? Maybe the lyrics I’ve written aren’t as obvious as you are expecting. Maybe it’s better to engage with debate that just Say No?

  3. Old fan not current Says:

    Sad to see you of all people is just another uptight leftie cunt but it’s not like it matters now cause it was ages ago when your music and lyrics were any good. Try to look away from the problems and the hate toward gay people like yourself from muslim extremists.
    If anything they will remind you that you can choose to be blind but you can never hide.

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