October 23, 2016

Oskar’s Drum have made a new video. The album A Cathedral of Hands is released on November 7th.




October 8, 2016

I love living here. And walking here.  
Great rehearsal last night with Oskar’s Drum. 

I’m happy to announce our CD/download ‘A Cathedral of Hands‘ will be released on November 7th via Bandcamp.

You can pre-order it now if you fancy.

You can also buy tickets for our launch gig in Salford, at The Eagle Inn on November 27th. We’re playing the night before in London at The Islington, opening for The Popguns.

There is also a new Oskar’s Drum website which you might like to have a look at.


Oskar returns 

September 20, 2016

Finally! Oskar’s Drum, the collaboration between myself and Yves Altana, gets going. We’ve finished our first album and will be releasing it in November. There will be a gig in the Northwest to coincide, and there are plans for one in London too. It’s great to have this out soon after The April Seven project which I was working on at the same time. Oskar is quite the opposite beast, with Yves taking charge of the music and me back to lyrics and singing. Two very enjoyable collaborations, each sounding very different to the other. 

Why so long? Well we got scuppered with the 7″ single we were hoping to release. We kept trying but the test pressings were all so poor we pulled it. We’re still trying but that will be coming later. 

The album will be available on CD and download via Bandcamp. 

I’ll return with more details soon. Unless the darkening evenings get to me first. I’m not ready yet for winter at all.

Pop Tarkovsky – On CD

August 21, 2016

After a recent poll I realised that Ragoora Records need to make CDs available as well as downloads. It’s the format that the majority of you want. Vinyl is another matter as it’s prohibitively expensive to make, and the quality is not assured. We’ll keep trying to find a way though.

Thus we have made a limited run of The April Seven’s “Pop Tarkovsky” record in a recycled card gatefold sleeve. The April Seven is a collaboration between myself (music) and Paul ‘Fred’ Frederick (words/singing) from The Family Cat/Jack Adaptor. Not only have we pressed up a small run of these CDs but we’ve both signed them for you. Too much excitement. It will be released on Bandcamp tomorrow for £8 plus shipping.

Conundrum in these modern times. What’s your take on it? Or are you all seriously only buying vinyl? 

Answers on a digital postcard please to the usual address. 


July 29, 2016

Pop Tarkovsky by The April Seven. I’ve recorded some songs with Paul Frederick, singer of Jack Adaptor and The Family Cat. I wrote the music, he wrote the words and has sung the songs. A welcome reversal for me.

They’re available at my Bandcamp site which is HERE

Track listing is:

1. Witch’s Hour

2. Benedictine

3. Platform Shoes

4. Commandant, Commissar

5. Valentin

6. How The Satellite

7. On The Road With The Classic Quartet

8. Love, You Fool



April 2, 2016

Oskar’s Drum have recorded a single which is due out in July. It will be available via Bandcamp, on 7″ vinyl and digital download. The B side is a Stephen Hero song. More details nearer the time. And gigs too. We are mixing the album now. In the meantime here’s a picture of Salvador Dali being pulled along by a goat.  

Two songs 

November 17, 2015

Here are excerpts of two new Oskar’s Drum songs. This is my project with Yves Altana, with Danny Ashberry on bass and Kev Clark on drums. First gig December 19th opening for Chameloens Vox at Manchester Academy. 

Oskar’s Drum

August 28, 2015

is a new band. Yves Altana has written the music and I’ve written the singing.

First gig is December 19th opening for Chameleons Vox at Manchester Academy.

With Danny Ashberry and Kev Clark on bass and drums. 

It’s 1980 Top of the Pops, when McGeoch has joined Siouxsie. It’s 1972 when Ziggy played guitar. When Joni Mitchell was blue. It’s Moominpappa at Sea, sailing out to the lighthouse. It’s Gibson guitars and Montague Terrace. It’s Baudelaire and Poulenc songs, Kraftwerk and Berlin Zoo. It’s a bit Kitchens inevitably. But it is NEW.