The video

June 21, 2015

I forgot to put the video up! Here are excerpts of the songs playing over a one take walk through Luxor Temple, Egypt. It was filmed by my other half, Karl, in January this year. Eerily empty for a tourist site. 


A week on 

June 19, 2015

The Golden EP came out a week ago as a DIY release. It’s had radio play in the U.S. and here on BBC6music, and positive online reviews. Lots of you have bought it. We’ve been blown away by the generosity of spirit: at radio, social media, and in particular those of you who kindly gave more than asked. Faith in music world has been fully restored. Thank you so much. 
It’s also been a real pleasure to record something quickly and put it out without fuss. That doesn’t mean there won’t be something physical to hold in the future, but this has been a real joy. Again, thank you. 


You are Gold

June 12, 2015

Well here it is: Golden EP

If you download the full EP then you get these 4 songs, with 2 bonus instrumental tracks, and a PDF of the handwritten lyrics. All for £2 – Bargain Wooze!

Golden – 3 minutes of woozy sonic love with the gorgeous vocals of Tanya Donelly singing with me.

It Will Continue – You can’t keep a bitter angry man down: ‘as the traitors queue to airkiss you’

His Judas Tree – You can’t keep a hurt bitter man down: ‘give back the sweat of a thousand night’s loving’

Sellotaping Leaves – You can try to turn back the clock, but the leaves will continue to fall. This was the first song I wrote after Folly, so you can see the joins.

Why 4 songs, Patrick? Because all the other ones are taken in the other two projects I’m working on.
What projects are those? They are collaborations with two men I’ve not worked with before. And they are fantastic fun and take me away from these simple feelings.


Singer with the band

June 8, 2015

Here’s my fellow musician and friend Tanya Donelly giving out the hugs. She’s singing beautifully on my new song Golden. Out this Friday on Bandcamp only.



June 7, 2015

Golden EP – Stephen Hero

June 2015

1/ Golden – featuring special guest vocalist

2/ It Will Continue

3/ His Judas Tree

4/ Sellotaping Leaves

Sellotaping Leaves


June 1, 2015

 Coming soon …  

Starting up, again. 

May 18, 2015

Its been a while. After months of doing this and doing that I’ve had a go at doing something of my own. Hope to put it out digitally next month. Finally! Four new songs. Doors open half past seven. 


Needle’s Eye

November 18, 2014

This was the only Lost Girls single we released. On CD and 7″ vinyl. One of the first songs we did together. Heidi came up with the complete song, and I put the backing track together. Laurence O’Keefe (Levitation/Dark Star) played bass on it too – the deep sonic stuff you can hear right from the start. For the technically minded: all the Lost Girls vocals were done in my hallway, on an AKG C3000 which I found in a drawer earlier this week and still works! It went through a Drawmer 1960 and Drawmer 1961 on its way to the Alesis ADATs. This microphone did the Fruit album as well. Tried to replace it with a 414 XLS – no contest, the 3000 is far better.
And out of gear world…we played this live as a duo – but I can’t remember how! I must have played bass through my effects, and Heidi I guess played some keyboards. Poor memory, burnt out on tedious cigarettes and alcohol. Great song.


October 31, 2014

The Lost Girls record is now out on CD/LP and download. Available from 3LoopRecords. And here’s the video for Heidi’s song Japanese:

I’ll be writing about the songs when I’m back from a much needed holiday staring at the waves on the Welsh coast.

Hold Me Down

October 2, 2014

Lost Girls songs varied so much. This song was one of the up poppy ones. Or was it the only up beat poppy one?

I really like the way our voices work together. And you can hear Kim Smith singing the high harmonies, and I’m pretty sure you can hear Ashley Wood in the mix there. It’s him playing the chirpy riff guitars, based on a dulcimer riff I had. Dave Morgan brilliant on drums.

The lyrics? Lord, what am I on about? Another experimental phase. The song imagines that the Need for Love is a physical kind of beast, one that could be excised and pinned out like a butterfly or moth. Imagining what it would be like to cut it out and examine this torturer. And once removed the hollowness left would be quite OK to live with. And then I would meet someone who also had their Need for Love excised, and we would live calmly and absently together. It was clearly time to change my life, and I did so a year later, moving to the wilds of western Ireland.